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25 Nature Spectacles in New Jersey

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Bridal Makeup Masterclass. Make nature policy ; or nature taken into account Baseline: Currently few decisions take into account ecosystem function and the conservation or improvement of nature, though New York City does have local laws on native plants and tree restitution , the City Environmental Quality Review CEQR process, various obligations under New York State and Federal law. Measurement: Monitoring of legal framework and enforcement of laws. Measurement: See 1.

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Near-term milestones: Enhance tree canopy; see 7. Help control floods and water pollution ; or stormwater capture Baseline: Gittleman et al.

Mason and Montalto that every 10 square feet of permeable surface decrease runoff by 1. Measurement: Combine use of a city-wide hydrological model National Academy of Sciences ; also see visionmaker.


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Help cool the city ; or natural cooling Baseline: Urban forests decrease city temperatures in New York City, though the effect is modest and limited mainly to nearby areas Rosenzweig et al. Measurement: Monitor temperature on the ground and via remotely sensed measurements in a systematic way; analyze data seasonally and diurnally Near-term milestone: See 6, 7.

Adopt recommendations of the Cool Neighborhoods program.

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Provide clean and swimmable waters ; or clean and swimmable waters Baseline: Several water bodies in or adjacent to New York City are impaired with respect to Clean Water Act standards e. Allow species to move ; or access for species Baseline: Scattered information; for some species, the city is permeable; for many others — especially less mobile ones e. Measurement: Monitor a set of species representative of different mobility strategies using a combination of field observations and genetic methods e.

Harris et al. Enable people to access natural areas ; or access for people Baseline: Citywide, as of February , 81 percent of New Yorkers currently live within walking distance of a park. Roughly 1,, New Yorkers are further than a walk to a park. NYC Parks Measurement: Transportation analysis coupled with social assessments of people visiting natural areas.

Make natural areas welcoming for all ; or nature for everyone Baseline: Unclear, though see Auyeung et al. Encourage environmental stewardship ; or environmental stewardship Baseline: Over stewardship groups have been described in New York City; a map shows that there are many neighborhoods with 0 — 3 groups US Forest Service Measurement: Stew-Map methodology — see Svendsen et al.

Nature: New Jersey wildflowers

Get kids into nature ; or kids in nature Baseline: Unclear, though there are many active environmental education programs in New York City. Create big quiet starry places ; or big quiet and dark nature Baseline: Unclear… some of the larger New York City natural areas already provide sightlines without buildings and quieter conditions e. New York City Parks regulates noise in parks, though with uneven success. Recognize nature nearby ; or nature within reach Baseline: Unclear… however notable examples exist such as great trees Barnard , remnant wetlands, amazing beaches with piping plover, fishing holes, etc..