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ISBN: pp. August Philosophy of Mind.

An Ontology of Consciousness | R. Ellis | Springer

Rationalism Reductionism Theory of Mind. Psychology I: Foundations of Cognition. Ontology of Consciousness. Percipient Action. Edited by Helmut Wautischer. Some reveal current views and conundrums in neurobiology to comprehend sentient intellection. Fowler, Erlendur Haraldsson, David. Hufford, Pavel B. Thurman, Edith L.

Turner, Julia Watkin, Helmut Wautischer. This collection provides a rich tableau of research on the nature of consciousness by twenty internationally recognized scholars and researchers who draw on perspectives from archaic traditions in religion and culture tocontemporary neuroscience to the testimony of personal experience.

Masterfully edited by Helmut Wautischer, Ontology of Consciousness answersquestions such as: what kind of being is the being to which we refer as consciousness? How long have humans been perplexed by the awareness of being? Are the questions of being and consciousness one and the same? These percipient 20 essays are like detonating explosives, profoundly disturbing to various intellectual universes, and highly appropriate to be published by an institution famed for pushing frontiers in science and technology.

They connect the dots between the seen and unseen worlds.

They require Kierkegaardian leaps of faith. They stretch referential meaningin order to understand human powers of wordless communication that we share with other animals. The essayists have playfully created a new Metaphysical Club open to all with courage to explore. One does not realize how painfully narrow is our dataset concerning 'conscious phenomena' until one works one's way through this book. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

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The Ontology of Vision. The Invisible, Consciousness of Living Matter

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The Continuity of Consciousness in William James's Philosophy of Mind

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